Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov

The Russian version


Автопортрет В.И.Сурикова
Self-portrait by Surikov

В фойе института
Inside  the institute


    Igor Grabar - first rector, which was the artist, theorist of art, teacher. He in 1939 has managed to collect around of itself the interesting foremen, whose talent and the pedagogical gift promoted restoration of the best traditions of the Moscow art school. A basis of art formation again became figure, the laws of a composition were seriously studied, without which development any artist can not create the completed product. Then three branches - painting, diagrams and sculptures were created.
    Since 1948 this educational institution is named the Moscow state art institute and has received a name Surikov - great
Russian painter, devoted the creativity to creation of the monumental  pictures on subjects from a history of Russia.

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Faculty of painting

The most numerous faculty in institute. Here is trained more than two hundred students. Now at faculty four workshops of easel painting, two workshops of monumental  painting and workshop of theatrical- scenery painting.

Workshops of easel painting



" Double man's production ". The oil paint by student Ciplakov. 80х50 inch


Workshops  of monumental painting 

Workshop of theatrical- scenery painting.

Мастерская технологии монументальной живописи

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Faculty of graphic art                                      

tran specialists of wide scale qualifications in the field of different graphic techniques (etching, lithography, linocut, woodcut). It disposes of printing workshops where experienced ad highly professional specialists in printing work.
    Training of easel graphic artists, book illustrators, water-color graphic artists is also based on realistic traditions of national art and achievements of world figurative art. Existing personal workshops give the students the opportunity to master book design and illustration as well as easel graphic art and poster.

Workshop of easel graphic art

" Man's production "
Educational work on figure of the student Egorov, IV a rate. (Graphite pencil).

Workshop of art of the poster

Workshop of book illustrators

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Faculty of sculpture

The best traditions of Russian realistic school always were and now are base for preparation of the sculptors - experts.
         The employment on a composition assume creation by the students of the sketches and completed products on the most various themes in area easel, monumental, decorative sculpture and medallist of art. The tasks on a bas-relief, high relief, animal sculpture are carried out. At the end of each academic year students  pass practice on carry of the educational works to firm materials: plaster, marble, granite, tree, ceramics, metal.
Выполнение курсовой работы

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Faculty of theory and history of arts    


Читальный зал библиотеки  /  Reading-room       The faculty prepares the experts of a wide structure in the field of the theory and history of art, experts of museum and exhibition work, experts in the field of antiques. The special attention at faculty spare to processes occurring in   modern fine art

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Contact information

Post address: 30, Tovarischesky Per., 30, Moscow, 109004, Russia

Tel:(495)912-5672, 912-3932

Fax: (495)912-1875

Fax: (495)912 5672  Department of Work with foreign students



Professor's pages

Workshop of  painting
Ardimasov Oleg
Slatinsky Victor

Workshop of sculpture

Workshop of book illustrators
Panov Vladimir
Prof. German Mazurin
Workshop of Lithography
Voronkov Nikolai
Averjanov Vladimir
Tavasiev Ruslan
Rukavishnikov Alexandr.
Perejslavets Mishel.
Cherapkin Ivan.
Koshelev Vladimir.
Tarasenko Alexandr.
Manizer Petr.
Prisekin Sergey.

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